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January 24, 2013


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Honestly, while I kind of wish I had been homeschooled through middle school, highschool was a good time for me. And I say that as a confirmed outsider/nerd/drama geek. My mother homeschooled my younger sister and brother, but they both chose to attend highschool when they were ready. It can be awful - certainly, that's the stuff we make books and movies out of - but it doesn't have to be. Highschool can be the time when kids start forming social attachments based around common interests and goals rather than exterior aspects.

It's also a time to practice navigating around and interacting with different perspectives and convictions, while you still have the reinforcement and help of your family to go home to every night. I think a LOT depends on the highschool, the teachers, and the family environment, really. :-)

Thanks, Kate, I really appreciate hearing your perspective! You make a good point. One of the things we have available to us is a Homeschool Resource Center about an hour away, where I take our kids once a week for a few classes. My daughter is currently taking a Critical Thinking course that she absolutely loves -- most of the kids are in high school (homeschool), and she's really learning to think things through and defend her point of view, in a very supportive environment. If we didn't have this, I think this decision could present more of a quandry.

I don't think you can deny, though, that high school (as an institution) has a great deal about it that is less than desireable. The fact that some kids will do well, and even thrive, in spite of those problems doesn't mitigate the negatives, in my mind. Especially when research may be proving the point. (YMMV, of course, as you point out.)

It's funny, homeschooling was never a goal of mine originally. We decided to give it a shot because of the lack of school choice in our area, thinking we'd be able to move by the time our daughter was 10. Well, turns out moving really isn't realistic after all -- and homeschooling has turned out to be a wonderful option! Especially when the only alternative is, frankly, less than desireable.

Homeschool high school? Whaddayanuts??!! (kee-hee-hee!)

:) T. Of course, if I could get any of my kids into Notre Dame on a homeschool curriculum like you have, I'd take the "nuts" label any day!!

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