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April 18, 2010


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Seems to me that great wit and honesty -- not to mention writing skill -- must run in this family. Maybe a little bit of perfectionism too, but hey, you need something to work on, right? Thanks for a great post!

Eileenie! If you only knew how silly and out-of-place I feel all the time! Your good grades are a reflection of a very gifted mind, your self-taught guitar playing a hint of amazing musical talent! And you are artistic which shows in the way you write, decorate, cook, draw, and teach. I always found Mothe's Gert Loplitz advice helpful. (ha! She should've told me to pretend I was our sister Nancy. I still should aspire to that!) Anyway, this reminds me of one of my favorite quotes these days from Kurt Vonnegut: "Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be." It turns out that Mothe was a neurolinguistic programing consultant before it was fashionable. "You need to create an image in your mind of the person you wish to be," she always said. "Then act like that is who you are."

I think your perfect just the way you are. Our family has been blessed by you.

Aww, Aunt Patti!

Just came back to say, I am looking forward to the Gert Loplitz letters!

Hi, Gert!
"I really don’t do anything terribly unique or special in our homeschool – other than tailoring it to the unique needs of my own kids, of course -- " So. . .it's VERY unique, as they say. Listen to you!

Gert, I cannot resist the temptation: You're good enough, you're smart enough, and people like you!! I like you! And I like your blog. My only complaint is that you don't publish often enough, and I can't find a way to be electronically notified when you do. So I miss some real gems. Luckily Noney told me to come looking here for Gert Loplitz. I hope Mom is reading y'all's blogs. She would laugh so hard. I would LOVE to be in the same room when she does!

Mom and Kurt Vonnegut. huh.

I love to comment on people's blogs. Nobody can interrupt. (And so far, I have not been banished from a single one.)

Loveya, likeya!

This might have to go on my late-night procrastination list! The idea that someone is louder than my mother tells you quite a bit about the Hart girls :) You all exude confidence in a way that everyone notices except you!


I was so surprised to read all that as I've always found your blog inspiring and just touching. I've read your posts and always think, "Wow, she's such an awesome mom! I wish I could be more like that!"

I also have the self-conscious thing going, but fake confidence almost all the time. One day, it'll be true. Meanwhile, I'm the loud, chatty, bubbly gal who moderates a homeschool group and does a bunch of things, but inside? Inside, I'm convinced I'm still the geeky foot-shuffling newbie at a new school with no friends and no means of making any. But you'd never know if you met me that I'm like that.

So, I hear ya, Gert. I feel your pain. And don't sweat the "publish" button. ((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Rock on, Eileen! Rock on!

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