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August 13, 2009


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Wow! I'm so sorry you don't have the support you thought you had in your group. Sounds like you need to start a new group that is closer to home and open to listening :)
Take care!

Bravo. Very well said. We decided to send in our dues after all for this year when they relented somewhat on the hot-button issue. It is only the desire for my younger son to have the First Communion experience you spoke of which is keeping me at all connected to that group. I have given up posting my opinions over there. Good luck and blessings for this upcoming year. Maybe we'll run into each other again sometime (we met at the IOWA test).


This is so well said. Time for us to start on a new journey. I guess we had our first meeting today at the park. We were surely a like-minded bunch, since the only ones who joined us were... us! A band of sisters, but what else have we ever been?

I think it's going to be an unexpectedly, especially good year.

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