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July 31, 2009


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I love what she said, and it is perfect to reflect on during this political season!

Wow, Paula, I hadn't even thought of that! You are exactly right. Thanks for sharing that insight!

So happy to "see" you back! A question about sonlight...do you buy the full curriculum?? I have looked at many times, but stumble on the price! It looks wonderful! Thoughts???

The books are wonderful at Sonlight. It's a good thing, too, because if you get their stuff, you'll be reading a lot.

I know what you mean about the cost. I've never done their whole program (core plus all other curriculum areas, including Bible, Math, Science, Language Arts and Electives). When I first started homeschooling, I checked their booklist against our interlibrary loan, then only bought the ones I couldn't get for free. I didn't even buy any of the manuals. But I did purchase many other books & manuals from other sources, some good, some not. I spent just as much as I would have if I'd just bought their stuff in the first place!!

I have to say I don't like their Language Arts stuff, other than the readers (beginning in 2nd grade). (I'm using Easy Grammar for Junie this year, and First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind for Taz, which I already have.)I bought their core instructor's manual for first grade but then didn't use it; and I went all out and bought their 3rd grade program last year. I do like the Core program (History, Readers & Read-alouds); it seems to flow nicely and to cover plenty of ground. Having the plans already on hand certainly makes things easier for me! Sometimes I want to do more, or be creative with it, and that's fine, but it really isn't necessary. The program as written already covers way more than I ever learned in school! :)

The K (and all other grades!)read alouds are awesome -- not only will my 1st grader love them, my 4th grader will love hearing them again. They really are that good. There have been one or two along the way that we didn't love as much, but that's definitely the exception. I honestly can't wait to use them again. (There's nothing especially "Kindergarten-y" about the K core; it would be appropriate for several early grades. By doing it this way, Junie & Taz will be covering the same historical periods starting next year, so this just works for me.)

My plan is to fill in my Sonlight curriculum with what I haven't purchased along the way each year until I'm caught up. By the time Taz is in 3rd grade, I'll only be purchasing new curricula for Junie B., and I shouldn't have to purchase anything other than new workbooks for Sunny Boy. That certainly cuts back on the cost in the long run.

It really is way more convenient to have all the books right here, ready when we need them, and not be dependant on the library; but you really could use their program by combining the Instructor's guide and borrowed books, and only buy what you can't borrow. That way you can try it out more cheaply and see if it'd be worth it to you to use the whole program later.

Did that help at all?

Eileenie! Your posts about Miss Pliss and Constance made my day! love, Non

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