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March 14, 2009


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It's hard for me to say it's okay to break the chosen fast, especially on Sunday. This happened a couple of years ago when we had our cursillo group at one of the members house who could no longer meet with us as she had terminal cancer. We gathered and said the rosary with her and shared our week. She then offered us all coffee and cake. There was some chatter by members who thought they couldn't have their coffee or cake because it was Lent. I simply suggested that since this was a celebration of life and Margaret wanted us to celebrate it together, perhaps for the last time, I thought even Our Lord would approve. As it turned our Margaret was called by our Savior on Good Friday that year!. God is Good all the time!!! Thanks be to God! You are a such good mother!

Oh I wish I hadn't read this tonight. I had been good up until tonight, and then I got sick today and just gave in to my chocolate craving to feel better. Heaven help me.

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