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February 21, 2009


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Thanks for posting this, Eileen. It sounds a lot like our meatless nights--minus the fish because the cook has an aversion to all things piscene.
It is hard (for me, at least) to serve a meatless meal that *feels* like a sacrifice. Something to think about, I suppose...Thanks for food for thought (pun totally intended!)

Oh, it's a sacrifice around here, all right -- as my husband so grievously expressed upon cautiously inquiring about planned dinner fare one Friday on his way home from work: "You know, it's Friday, and it's the start of the weekend, and everything's great -- and then you find out that you're coming home to some combination of beans and rice and cheese. Or tuna. Warm. On a shingle." :)

As a person whose birthday falls well-within the bounds of "all things piscene" I hope you'll reconsider at least *that* part of your aversion! (My birthday is on Ash Wednesday this year. Condolances welcome.) :)

Weeeeell, at least you've got variety, and it sounds yummy to me.

Our menu during Fridays:

1. homemade pizza
2. fish sticks
3. a bowl of cereal because we're tired from park day and no one feels like cooking
4. quesadillas
repeat as necessary


I'd love to do breakfast for dinner, but Ron has a silly idea that breakfast food should only be eaten for breakfast...DARN!

Eggplant pizza is wonderful! Dice up the eggplant, cook it with some garlic and olive oil, spread it on your dough with some diced tomatoes, sprinkle some cheese, and you have a yummy meatless meal!

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