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November 04, 2008


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Hi, Eileen. Long time no "see."

You've provided interesting material for thought here. And I, being of the Pixilated Party (i.e. "independent"), cannot figure out what God's plan is, but I do need to pray for this new president.

My kids, who knew about the pro-life issues, were surprised that Obama won.

"He's going to be president?" my son asked. "Does that mean that for ... how long is he president?"

"Four years, honey."

"Does that mean that for four years, there will be less people in the world? Because what he thinks is okay to do to babies?"

And I had to gently remind him that we have to pray for people who do not understand the sanctity of life. He was excited that he could do something and proceeded to ask me to pray two Hail Marys and an Our Father for the president.

And a little child will lead this mom to pray more for the presidency ...

I, too, wonder what God's up to...I trust it's all good :-)

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