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October 15, 2008


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is it shaving cream? love it!

How fun!!

Gotta love it!! Happy Autumn to you :)

I love the smell of shaving cream!!! I'm going to have to buy some, just that cheap stuff, it smells up the whole house!!

We love shaving cream in the bathtub!! What I used was a "women's" shaving cream, called "Pure Silk," Coconut & Oat Flour scent.

It's very gently-scented, not at all perfumy, and because there's no menthol, not so "burny" to the eyes. (I went with a women's version, hoping it would be especially gentle. It doesn't claim to be, so I don't really know, other than the kids haven't had any trouble with it.)

It's the only shave cream (not gel) for women I've seen, and even though I bought it specifically for this purpose, I actually like using it myself!! ;)

I meant to also mention that rubbing a bar of your favorite bath soap onto a very wet sponge, and then squeezing the sponge repeatedly, will produce shaving cream-like foam, too. (Just keep squeezing and adding more soap until you get the consistency you like.) Kind of like that clean mud I mentioned a post or two ago, but without the problematic TP. [grin]

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