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Our Little Classmates

  • Junie B., age 10
  • Taz, age 6
  • Sunny-boy, age 4

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  • Step 1, 21, Culinary Genius
  • Step 2, 18, Broadway Star

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  • The Chief--Fireman, EMT and Renaissance Man

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October 06, 2008


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Stoeffers, huh? I might have to try that!! Had to laugh when you said you bring it to potlucks and get compliments. I always end up doing something simple...well, this sounds great!

Here's my email:

I had to take it off, I don't need those weirdos contacting me by email too!!

On a serious note, prayers for your sister and for you. I'm sure it's hard watching her go through what she is. I think you are amazing! I love the water Wednesday thing, that's really cool and easy to remember. I get that headache thing, mine would be from lack of diet coke though. I did give up my morning cup of International Foods French Vanilla coffee for 40 days for life...boy I miss that breakfast...

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