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October 12, 2008


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Now you have gone and made me hungry. Some of us or on diets. Mean diets that don't include pie of any sort. :)

I know how you feel about not getting the dough to come together properly. I've been trying to master my mother's biscuits for years. Thankfully she lives just up the street and is still willing to make them for me.

I'll be there in three hours. :)

Looks so delicious!!

Mmmmm! Looks good! Mom told me her trick (besides tha fact that you really need Fluffo). You roll out the dough once and only once. No matter how bad it turns out, you fit the pieces together if necessary, but never roll it twice. i nominate you to make the pies for Thanksgiving this year!!!


What wonderful pictures of surely tasty delights...(mouth is watering!) Have a grand evening!

Looks good to me!!

Forward this to Mothe! It sounds like a pie crust emergency! She will come help you!

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