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July 05, 2008


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Eileen, I bet you passed right by my house!! :-)

I think the problem in upstate NY has less to do with too many people in the countryside as that so many of the little towns in the rural areas are failing and most of the young people seem to be moving away. People from NYC buy summer places out here (where I live), driving up property prices, the City takes water from here but doesn't want to maintain its dams, wants to build dumps here because it can't take care of its garbage... and dairy farms can't make it anymore.

I grew up in Tennessee, but none of the little towns where I grew up look half as depressed as these towns in upstate NY. It's really sad, because it is such a gorgeous area.

I did so love our visit to Niagara Falls! And we have traveled through the Hudson River Valley too...Glorious!!! Thanks for sharing!!

What a beautiful trip, great photos!!

Sounds like you are a native New Yorker like myself. This is truly a beautiful state and you are correct; you can travel a long way and a long time without seeing any signs of civilization. My favorite place in the state is home and we live on 300 acres of beautiful and unspoiled land. Maybe those who cry overpopulation and destruction of the planet ought to do a little driving themselves to witness the falsity of their belief.

Thanks for the showing the prettier side of New York.

( ....though I loved the crowded bustling city, too. But then, I was born in Manhattan. Whatcha 'spect?)

And why do I have the sudden urge to chew tobaccy?

I'm also a native New Yorker who happens to enjoy learning the stats on population. I've driven many times through our beautiful but nearly empty state (NY is still about 65% forest!) While our state ranks 3rd in population, if you subtracted the approximately 8 million people in NYC, we'd still be 11th or 12th in population. There is plenty of room in the Empire State! Great thoughts on the environment and overpopulation, Eileen!

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