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July 15, 2008


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The walkie-talkie thing is pure genius! Tell me more!

Funny to think we were in your neck of the woods. We definitely left your economy better off - those tolls and Niagara parking did a number on us!

This post really spoke to my homeschooling heart, Eileen. I feel so much like I've discovered the same things about myself ...

I'll pray for your new school year to be in alignment with these new discoveries for you.


And you know what? I keep a teacher planner book for writing down the stuff that we've already done, so I can look back and think, "Oh, what neat stuff went on." It's just soooo for me. I just need to know stuff is happening, and I'm visual, so seeing it written down helps me tremendously.

And, yeah, I have an "Electives" section which usually is where I write all the goofy stuff like: made banana bread; fed ducks at the pond with grandparents; went letterboxing; etc. And later, at the school-year's end, it's my favorite column to read through. : )

Shoot. I overwrote in the Comments again, didn't I? Argh.

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