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June 05, 2008


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Just give her time. Having spent the vast majority of my teaching career in the 2nd grade, I can say without question that she is completely with her peers with regard to spelling. I promise, as children mature, they don't have as much trouble with that pesky silent e rul (or others like it).

God Bless,

Oh, this'll definitely come with age ~ especially if she's a reader. We've had this same phenomena with a couple of ours ~ and even the most ATROSHUS spellers (gg)ended up catching up by high school at the latest. For some of them, it's just a matter of caring about it! When they reach the age that they understand that it makes them look bad, it very often becomes a priority, we've found.

&:o) I've got a fun, easy, little meme for you over at my place, if you're interested, Eileen!

Oh, I checked the comments wanting the magical cure for this. Rats.

My Essie is the same. She's a voracious bookworm and reads far and above her age (she's seven), but, BOY HOWDY, the gal cain't spel no goode.

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