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May 23, 2008


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We get dvd's from Blockbuster Online. They come in the mail. You can mail them back (postage paid by Blockbuster) or bring them in to a local BB and get a free rental in exchange while you wait for your next movie to come in the mail. We pay $12 and it has been absolutely worth it. They have many, many titles not available on the shelves at the local store.

You and me both! We are rethinking each trip in the van that used to be so spontaneous. Staying home sounds so much more appealing these days. :)

We use Netflix, have for years, and love them. They even have little notes on movies for parents that tell you when might be objectionable in the films! That is a huge help, when some PG-13 moves should be R and some PH movies should be PG-13!
But I know what you mean about gas. It is killing us. Hubby has started riding his bike to work, 8 miles a day round trip!

I feel your pain. I had to drive my kids to a judo tournament over 90 miles away, and I only get 11 miles per gallon :(
BTW-We get our rentals from Blockbuster.com

Oh, man, we feel your pain!! We live forty miles from civilization. We're dying out here! We're an hour from Mass and that's where the gas dollars get to go. Here's praying there's some kind of relief from this!

Seriously! We were just getting excited about all the fun exploring we could do in our new state this summer. Not quite as much as we had intended, that's for sure.

I could have posted this! Seriously, yesterday, I had myself a little hissy fit at the gas station about the price. No one really heard me. I seemed like the insane lady behind the wheel just shouting, "Four dollars? FOUR dollars! Four DOLLARS!!!!!" to herself every now and then. Just like a nut. And I gave poor Essie (who happened to be on the errand with me, poor kid; the other two were with their daddy at home) a whole lecture on oil.

She heard me and said sympathetically, "Two words. Solar panel."

I wish!

EEK!!! I will quit complaning about ours at $3.69!

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