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April 17, 2008


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Although I have found that one of the reasons I want a "name" for what I do is that I want to have a clearer idea of what to do next. There are so many times I pray and don't really hear an answer, I don't KNOW what to do, and if I say "well, I'm a IG following Sonlighter" or "I'm an unschooler" then I have something to go by when the Spirit is quiet! (which is probably just my inability to listen, but you know what I mean).

Yes, indeed, Eileen! There's been a lot of conversation on this subject, all interesting, all heartfelt. Kim, at Starry Sky Ranch had a great post a week or so ago about it, as did Elizabeth Foss, all along the same lines. But, I hesitate to blog about our homeschooling method at all, because, not only do I not want to be typecast by others, I don't want to typecast myself for myself! We change too much, our needs change too much, so our style changes, too. "Spirit driven" is the best name for a homeschool style I've heard yet.

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