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April 28, 2008


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Now that is way toooo cool...But was it hard to tell if they got clean? I do remember from 8th grade art class that yellow+red=orange and orange+blue=brown...Sorta what they made...I guess the teacher was right. This is great!!!! ThanX!

Oh, sure, they got clean--but not before they got a whole lot messier!! (Taz's back was completely blue, and Junie B. had a variety of colors in her hair) :)

And it was an awesome color-mixing tutorial for them, you're so right! I wouldn't mind keeping some food coloring and cornstarch in the bathroom cabinet for a quick mix up at bathtime, it really is that easy and that fun!

I love this idea - I think we will try it this afternoon. I have to clean the house for teen's FHC party. What a great way to entertain the littles.

BTW - I found your blog really early this morning via Cath. Mothers Online.

Eileen! (said in a happy cheerful shout)

Thanks so much for your very thoughtful and wonderfully descriptive comment on my blog. You really painted a picture (see, the expression goes with your post, LOL) of your smalltown life. And though the mention of 10 acres made me gasp with sheer amazement, I did cringe at the thought of everything so far away.

The concrete is grayer on the other side. ; ) Thanks for making me think and appreciate more ....


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