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March 31, 2008


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My husband I used to foster and we got comments quited frequently. When our youngest was about two we had a set of twins who were one. They were black. I remember an incident that caused me to feel as you do. My kids never noticed color but of course adults do and can't seem to refrain from pointing that out. A woman in a store pointed to the boys one day and asked if they were adopeted. I had had just about enough at that time so I took her aside and said in a very quited tone of voice " the little blond is but he doesn't know it yet and I wish you wouldn't let him in on it" She was completely shocked and dismayed and wheeled around and marched away as fast as she could go. The twins were black as night and obviously couldn't be mine and I think that she got the point that this was not her business and I wasn't going to tell her my business.

Very well said. Sometimes when you're trying to seem nice and caring things come out all wrong! You handled it well...

Geesh ... People! (eye roll)

I vote for: "Blood, shmood, we's all family here!"

No, wait. That wasn't a suggestion. (pause) No, I really like what you said but I'd make it even shorter: "We're ALL family here. Have a good day." And I'd be off on my merry way. Short and sweet.

Unlike, you know, all my comments here. ; )

I liked your first answer. It was so eloquent, but you could shorten it. "Everyone here was born to be in this family." God bless you, Eileen!

I like the response, "ALL my children are brothers and sisters," accompanied by an "I don't know what your talking about" look.

God Bless,

I respond with "We are all adopted children of God!" said with a huge smile and leave it at that. And if I can, I start to walk away and leave the conversation. Sweet and simple with our faith wrapped around that answer.


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