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January 22, 2008


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Well, you've got yourself networked in to enough blogrolls to pull in this "stranger" to read your blog. Feel free to drop in on me too, at your leisure.

I felt the same insecure way when I started my blog. I have a "private" one where I write just about my kids, but in a way I started it to direct my MIL and family to something "safe", where I didn't have to let too much of my mind show. Just today I was thinking how I feel I've reached a mental merge point. Blogging has actually helped there.

So, enough babbling from a total stranger, but hey, thanks for your welcome!

By the way, I do love your sidebar picture!

Isn't scary knowing your family will be reading your blog? I mean it's one thing to bare your soul to complete strangers, but quite another to bare it to those near and dear.:)
I told my family right off the bat about my blog. What totally freaked me out was to find out my pastor was reading it. And he read on of my posts to the entire congregation of our church on Easter Sunday. ACK! Now my real family and my church family are reading. Talk about a major freak out moment!
Thanks for the welcome, even though you are on my bloglines blogroll.:)

I know how you feel, when I found out that my extended family had found my blog I changed the address! For some reason I am more comfortable bearing my soul to total strangers than to people I actually know!

I'm so with you -- almost no one I know in the "real" world knows I blog either. Although my family found out too!

Hello! I discovered your blog through the Catholic blogroll (I'm in there, too.) and just randomly hit some blogs to read about what everyone is doing. I am bookmarking your site, though, because I just like how you write and express yourself, and your picture is way friendly. :D

My family knows I have a blog, but honestly? No one in the family reads it. No one is really a reader except me, so maybe that's why. LOL But I've got good online buddies that read it, and we all support one another. So, hey, it's awesome that you got a good response from your family. That's so sweet!

Enough of this ... You don't even know me, and I am babbling. ROFL

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