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January 15, 2008


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Hi Eileen!

I left you something on my blog!

God Bless,

I think your "Eileen It" plan sounds pretty good. I sometimes get overwhelmed reading homeschooling blogs. It makes me feel like I could never measure up. I think too many people only post the good, but leave out the bad and the ugly.

Eileen, this is the best post! I often feel inadequate to so many of the wonderful homeschooling bloggers that we read. Just last night I was feeling like I should just quit blogging for all the anxiety I feel about how I can't seem to clean the house and spend just a little time each day in some directed activity with each child.

One thing I realized just now is that someday I will have some time alone with Citcat. Both the kids are still napping and for that I am thankful. My dd (almost 4) really still needs a nap. But someday she won't and we will have time to do homeschool then. Everytime I try to do an activity with Citcat, Si is climbing the chairs and then onto the table. He's quite talented.

I love what you wrote

"But I don't want it to look or feel like "school." I want it to look and feel like...family."

I would love to read about some of the materials you are using for virtue building. We need to work on this one a
lot more.

I'm happy to read that you are finally finding your footing. A good plan really does make all the difference. I wish I could find something that works.

BTW, I'm a go with the flow kind of person as well.

I'm happy to read

This is a great post, Eileen! I feel the same way about feeling overwhelmed when reading other homeschooler's blogs sometimes. They're sometimes so meticulous and organized, I know I can never measure up. But, I like how you said: ":God gave me the children I have, and the heart for homeschooling I have, for a reason--because He knew I'd approach this task as only I would, to the benefit of my children who respond...well, the way they do." You're right!
BTW, there's something over at my blog for you. &:o)

Eileen--What a great, affirming, encouraging post...I think "Eileen-ing it" is a great way to go...for you, of course. Me, I've got to "Colleen it"...maybe its the Irish gene, but the two are in fact quite similar!

Excellent post Eileen. Very wise.

Eileen, what a great post. I loved the following quote:

Prayer is my greatest ally, and the more I remember to go there first, the better everything goes.

That reminds me so much of Matthew 6:33 -- But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Bless you.

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