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January 18, 2008


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Oh Eileen, I'm so sorry for you and your dh. Will definately pray for that family, thank you for this post. It certainly is a big dose, isn't it. Hugs to you friend. Love,

Praying for your firefighter and remembering all the good work firefighters do. May God bless them all.

My heart aches for the family involved. I can't imagine how devestated my dh would be if he were to lose his entire family.

Thank you so much for sharing this dose of reality. It is important to remember that our challenges are so small.

Devastated to read this Eileen, just devastated.

So very tragic.

Praying along with you.

Oh Eileen! Tell The Chief we are so proud of him and we will remember to pray especially for his safety. Love to all!

So very sad. What a really hard practical worry and tragedy for your husband in his vocation! I'm afraid we don't think often enough to thank God for our Fire fighters (and Policemen, too!), and to beg His protection for all of them! Prayers for that poor family in their time of need going up, too.

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