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October 16, 2007


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Eileen, this is so sweet, your mom is lucky to have you for a daughter. I just posted a prayer chain, perhaps you want to link too!! We love Alice so much and wish her and her dear family the best in this tough time!! Thanks for sharing tonight...:)

There are cultures in this world that say, "A woman only truly becomes an adult when she loses her mother." It is that significant of a loss for us and leaves a hole in our hearts that nothing quite ever fills. It is particularly poignant for me as an adoptive mother that there will always be an innate loss that my children will have; having lost their first mother so early in their lives.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on a difficult issue.


Oh, my goodness, Jane, that took my breath away.

A woman I know whose daughter was placed in adoption many years ago speaks of how much it means to her to think that, even though they have not seen each other since the day the baby was born, her child will know her by the sound of her voice when they meet in heaven.

I can't hear adoption stories, on either side, without getting very choked-up. It's a very bittersweet experience for everyone involved. I gain great hope from those who have found a way to find blessing in the pain. (To me, that is the real joy of all of life, no matter what our losses.)

And I certainly pray that, to my own little boys, I am a big part of that blessing...as they certainly are to me...

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